Tonga's govt sees rugby and boxing as not for girls

The letter addressed to a local high school, said that female students should not take part in the sports because they took away from young women's dignity and cultural traditions.

'Ofa Guttenbeil-Likiliki said the ministry was using culture as an excuse and she could not understand the stance.

She said Tongan female athletes had been inspirational in recent times, including New Zealand's Teuila Fotu-Moala.

Tongan girls encouraged to achieve goals at Camp Glow

The camp was organised by the Talitha Project in partnership with the US Peace Corps and it was held from 11-14 December, 2017 at the Tonga Football Association premises.

Vanessa Heleta, founder of the Talitha Project said the camp focused specifically on Gender Equality and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions which are among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty.

India girl kills herself over 'menstruation shaming'

In a suicide note, she accused the teacher of "torturing" her.

Although the girl did not mention period shaming in her letter, the mother says her daughter was asked to leave the class because of the stain.

Menstruation is taboo in parts of rural India. Women are traditionally believed to be impure during their periods.

Police say they have registered a case of suicide and are investigating. The incident took place early on Sunday in Tirunelveli district in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Fitted tees, shorty shorts: wrong message to girls?

that she co-founded a business, Girls Will Be, which provides empowering shirts and shorts so girls can live their active lives and still feel good about what they wear.

The business was inspired, in part, by her soon-to-be-12-year-old daughter, who could never find anything she wanted to wear in the girls' department.

Girls spend 40% more time on chores than boys, UN report finds

Unicef said the difference in time spent working amounted to 160m extra hours a day worldwide.

Two out of three girls cook and clean in the home, and almost half collect water or firewood.

They also perform more "less visible" domestic work like childcare or looking after the elderly, the report says.

It also found that the extra workload increased with time: between ages five and nine, girls spend 30% more time on chores - by 14, it rises to 50%.