ADB approves US$18.9 million for rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in the Pacific

The grants to Samoa (US$8 million), Tonga (US$5.5 million), Tuvalu (US$1.5 million), and Vanuatu (US$3.9 million) will support their COVID-19 vaccination programmes for a combined population of almost 600,000 people. The project is financed by ADB’s US$9 billion Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility launched in December 2020 to offer rapid and equitable vaccine-related support to ADB’s DMCs.

New grants to be on offer for Pacific youth leaders

The announcement is being made at a two day Young Pacific Leaders Conference in Honolulu this week.

Delegates will discuss issues about education, the environment, civic leadership and social development, and both alumni and current participants will be eligible to apply for small project grants that meet certain criteria.

A spokesperson for the United States Consulate in New Zealand, Natalie Wilkins, said hundreds applied to attend the conference, but only 26 young leaders were selected.

She said the grants would help pave the way for youth to make a difference.