high temperatures

Warm water in Niuas brings warmer temperatures to Tonga

Acting Director of Tonga’s MET office, Moleni Tu’uholoaki says the temperature of this particular body of warm water is from 30-31 degrees Celsius.

Radio Tonga reports this warm water is also known as the line of maximum sea surface temperature.

It is currently lying across the Niuas to the island of Niue.

Most islands can feel this warm temperature due to the direction of the wind which moves from the north to the south.

Moleni said the body of warm water is lying from the Northern side of Australia, Fiji and to the two Niuas.

Sydney set to swelter today

And as New South Wales prepares for severe weather police have reactivated their arson taskforce.

Emergency services have been placed on high alert before expected near record-breaking temperatures and strong gusty winds, which could turn much of the state into a tinderbox.