Four out of 10 Pacific people in New Zealand living in crowded homes

The report by Statistics New Zealand was based on data from the 2018 Census, which showed 39 percent lived in a home that required additional bedrooms for the number of people living in it, which shows no progress has been made since 2013.

Homes being built for those made homeless by eruption

The students from the Tonga Institute of Science and Technology will receive hands-on training on building resilient homes.

Habitat for Humanity Chief Executive Officer Alan Thorp said 12 new homes will be rebuilt across Tongatapu, 'Eua and Ha'apai.

The charity has assisted in repairing and building over 800 homes in Tonga since 2016.


Photo file  Caption: Houses in Tonga destroyed by the January 2022 volcanic eruption and tsunami 


The handbag that costs as much as a house

How about handing over $380,000 (£279,000) for one bag - and a second-hand one at that?

For that price, you could buy a house in the UK (where the average dwelling costs £223,285, according to the Halifax) and still have plenty left over.

Yet astonishingly last year someone did pay that amount of money for a rare 2014 Himalaya Birkin - a matte white handbag by Hermes.

It was fashioned from Nilo crocodile hide and adorned with 18-carat white gold and diamond-encrusted details.