Indonesia military

Probe points to Indonesian military role in pastor's killing

Yeremia Zanambani was shot dead last month, one of a series of killings in Papua's Intan Jaya regency.

The pastor was killed while tending to his pigs, two days after a pair of Indonesian soldiers were killed by what the team called an armed criminal group, the government's oft-used term for the West Papua Liberation Army.

The Liberation Army's guerilla fighters are engaged in ongoing conflict with Indonesia's military in Papua's rugged interior.

The team said it found indications that Indonesia's security forces were involved in the shooting of Pastor Zanambani.

Australia apologises to Indonesia over offensive material

A fracas broke out between the two countries in January after the material, which apparently involved the West Papua issue and a misspelling of Pancasila, the name for Indonesia's state ideology, was found at a Special Forces base.

Indonesia's military initially responded by cutting all cooperation with Australia, but the government intervened two days later and said the suspension would only affect a language training course.