Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts role in Wonder left her 'speechless'

The film, out on Friday, is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by R J Palacio, and follows Auggie's journey as he takes the difficult step of his first year at school.

"For me, when I read the book, I thought it was so special, so incredible the way she had crafted the story about this family, and that's really a story about all of us," says Roberts.

Roberts's character, Isabel Pullman, home educates Auggie - played by 11-year-old Jacob Tremblay - until he is 10 before deciding to send him to school.

Julia Roberts to star in her first TV series

The actress will appear in a TV adaptation of Maria Semple's novel Today Will Be Different, which was published in September.

Semple will write the mini-series herself, while Roberts's own company Red Om Films will produce it.

Roberts has previously appeared as a guest star in such TV shows as Friends and Law & Order, but this will be her first lead role in a series.

Today Will Be Different tells the story of a woman named Eleanor Flood who makes plans to have the best day of her life, but wakes up to find a strange new future unfolding.