Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's new single is called Perfect Illusion

Gaga made the announcement in a very colourful collage puzzle on her Instagram page, and also on her website.

She's been working with names including Mark Ronson, Red One and Nile Rodgers on her new material and this will be our first taster of her new album.

Gaga is certainly keeping busy - scroll down for news of her first lead film role, alongside Bradley Cooper.

Lady Gaga wins Born This Way plagiarism case against French artist

French artist Orlan was asking for 7.5% of the royalties made by the star's record.

That amounts to $31.7m (£28.3m) of the eight million global sales for her second studio album.

The case claimed that Gaga had stolen concepts from two sculptures including a 1989 piece called Bumpload and Woman with Head from 1996.

It was argued that the work had been copied in both the album artwork, as well as in a scene from the music video of the same name, where severed heads appear on a table.


Lady Gaga celebrates 30th birthday with famous friends

The Born This Way singer, who turned 30 today, headed to the No Name Club in Hollywood, clad in a metallic dress, to ring in her big day with a host of famous friends on Saturday.

Among the guests included Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Kate Hudson, Pharrell Williams, John Legend and his pregnant wife Chrissy Teigen, Kathy Bates, and Gaga's actor fiance, Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga gets named Billboard's Woman of the Year

"It speaks volumes to me that I'm being recognized as Woman of the Year in 2015," she says. "This is the year I did what I wanted instead of trying to keep up with what I thought everyone else wanted from me."

Lady Gaga Wanted To Quit Music

In an insightful clip from her recent talk at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the "Applause" singer turned "American Horror Story" actress discussed the drawbacks of being a public figure.


Lady Gaga gives an update on her new album

The 29-year-old singer has posted a number of pictures of her session in the studio, and although guitars are involved (gasp) we're safe in the knowledge that it's the 'Bad Romance' producer who's working with them.

"We wear our sunglasses at night," Lady Gaga posted underneath a picture of herself and RedOne at the keyboard, along with the hashtag #LG5.

Thinking about it, 'We Wear Our Sunglasses at Night' sounds like a very Lady Gaga song title.