Digicel completes TOP $1.8m LTE upgrade for all sites in Tonga

Now all sites are upgraded to LTE network and Digicel Tonga is the first operator to achieve this on the island.

Digicel Tonga invests $1.5m on upgrades for 4G+

Digicel Tonga has invested in the upgrade of ten additional sites this year across the country with 4G+ coverage. This upgrade underpins Digicel’s commitment to improving its communications services to the people of Tonga. 

Anthony Seuseu, Digicel Tonga CEO said: “The total investment of $1.5m this year is an indication of our efforts to ensure connectivity for our customers is a priority.  Our aim is to make things simple for our customers, provide them with the best customer service and allow them to live their best lives in a digital world.”