No by-election until appeal court decides on Tapueluelu’s appeal, says Chief Clerk

Pōle’o told Kanva News this morning the Speaker of the House, Lord Tuʻivakanō and the Electoral Commissioner Pita Vuki had made the decision in a meeting they held yesterday.

Pōleʻo said the by-election for Tongatapu 4 will possibly be held in May if the Court of Appeal will rule against Tapueluelu’s appeal.


Confirmation Tonga MP has lost seat

The clerk of the house, Gloria Pole'o, says the letter from the Speaker, Lord Tu'ivakano, states that the Tongatapu constituency No 4 seat is now vacant and a by-election is pending.

Radio Tonga says this comes after a court ruling that Tapueluelu, because of an outstanding debt, was not eligible to stand in the poll last year.

It was  Tapueluelu's first election and he became a part of the country's first popularly elected government.

He is understood to be planning an appeal.



Tonga govt minister bribery case delayed until Monday

The petition from Villiami Latu alleges that Lavulavu breached the Elections Act by bribing voters to vote for him during his 2014 campaign.

Radio Tonga reports that Lavulavu's legal counsel requested an adjournment in the trial for further discussion of both parties.