Murder investigation

Police investigate homicide at former home of X-Factor star, Ashley Tonga

Police said they found the body of the teenager at a vacant property on Buckland Road, Mangere, last Sunday evening.

Detective Inspector Tofilau Faa Vaaelua said the investigation was in its early phases, however police were speaking with several individuals.

Tonga posted her reaction to the report on her social media profile.

“I can’t believe I slept in a house for 10 years and not even one week of moving out a murder happens at the house. This is beyond sad. Love and light to the family of the young girl,” Tonga said.

Murder investigation into mysterious family disappearance in France

Bloodstains found in the family's house near the city of Nantes match the DNA of three of them, officials say.

There has been no activity in any of their bank accounts or mobile phones since they went missing, they add.

Reports suggest the father once suffered from depression while his son had psychological problems.

The Troadec family - Pascal and Brigitte, both aged around 50, their son Sebastien, 21, and daughter Charlotte, 18 - were last seen on 16 February. Authorities were informed of the family's disappearance by Brigitte's sister.