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Report highlights Covid-19 impact on Tonga's private sector

The Pacific Business Monitor Tonga Focus 2020 Report aggregates results from respondents in Tonga across all the PTI Pacific Business Monitor surveys conducted in 2020. The report provides insight into the impact Covid-19 had on Tonga’s private sector last year, in comparison to businesses in the Pacific region.

Report finds negative impact of COVID-19 on the Pacific business community remained severe across 2020

The 2020 report collates all responses gathered across the first 9 surveys conducted between May and December last year, from all major industries across 16 Pacific countries.

Survey shows increasing optimistic outlook in Pacific businesses

Since tracking began in May 2020, between 84 and 92 per cent of respondents have consistently reported negative impacts on their business due to COVID-19. This month’s survey saw that to decrease to 79 per cent.

In line with this improving outlook, the February survey reports the lowest percentages yet of perceived negative impacts on local economy (decreasing from 90 per cent to 88 per cent) and reported decline in revenue (decreasing from 86 per cent to 81 per cent).

Small Pacific businesses continue to feel brunt of COVID-19

The monthly survey collects data in real-time and tracks how SMEs have been riding through the socio-economic turbulence since the pandemic made contact in the region in April 2020.

Newly appointed Trade Commissioner of the Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand office, Glynis Miller said “the results are not surprising as they do reflect real challenges faced by a large majority of SMEs.”

From data gathered in January, the fiscal and emotional impact of not knowing when the crisis will abate is taking its toll.

New Advanced Online Workshop for Pacific Tourism Operators

While the advanced workshops follow the success of the Introductory Digital Tourism initiative, they remain free of charge and are available to the anyone in the tourism sector across the Pacific region.

PTI Australia is working to increase the digital capacity of the Pacific tourism operators with the aim of driving local economic development across the sector, especially in the wake of COVID-19 and to ensure operators are in the best position when international borders reopen.

91% of Pacific Businesses affected by COVID-19

Fiji has been particularly hard hit by the crisis (93% reported a significant decline in sales/revenue).

Bringing the Pacific into view for Chinese tourists

PTI China’s Beijing based Tourism Manager Vivienne Song organised an itinerary for the film crew that has included Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tonga, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and Samoa, supported by the National Tourism Organisations in each country.

Travelling with the film crew is Arthur Chance, the famous world traveller TV host with more than one million followers on China’s social media platform Weibo (China’s equivalent to Twitter).