Pacific travellers

WHO says travellers could be spreading dengue in the Pacific

In the Solomon Islands more than 10-thousand dengue fever cases have been confirmed since an outbreak last August, Vanuatu has had more than 1700 since November, and New Caledonia has had more than 1-thousand cases since September.

WHO surveillance officer Viema Biaukula said many of the outbreaks had been identified as dengue serotype 2 which she said was likely being spread by travel.

Pacific travellers warned not to bring shells or coral into NZ

Hundreds of items from the Pacific are seized at New Zealand borders each year under the country's Trade in Endangered Species Act.

National Compliance manager, Darryl Lew, was warning travellers from the Pacific not to bring in coral or shells which are by far the most commonly seized items from the region at the country's border.

He said the department supports the region in raising awareness of legislation and permits needed for exporting items.