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Strong aftershock hits Papua New Guinea

The magnitude 6.7 quake hit just after midnight local time in the mountainous region around the border of Western and Hela provinces.

It's the same region where the epicentre of last week's powerful 7.5 quake was located.

Aid workers are still struggling to reach remote parts of this area where there is widespread damage.

Up to 150,000 people are believed to be in urgent need of emergency supplies.

Local media is reporting the death toll has grown to 75, after government officials previously said 55 people had been killed.



Another big tremor rocks quake-affected PNG

The magnitude 6.0 earthquake is the latest in a series of powerful aftershocks that have plagued the Highlands region since the massive 7.5 struck last Monday.

The epicentre of today's quake was located 112 kilometres southwest of Porgera at a depth of 10 kilometres.

It struck just before 6am local time (9am NZT).

Due to severely disrupted transport and telecommunications links, it's still unclear how many people died in last week's 7.5 quake.

As many as 80 deaths have been reported so far, according to the PNG Red Cross.

Deaths reported in PNG's Tari following quake

With transport and communications links to the affected Highlands provinces still badly disrupted, there is still no official death toll.

But police in Southern Highlands province said at least 11 people were confirmed dead in Mendi, and the provincial death and injury toll was expected to rise.

It was a similar story in the capital of neighbouring Hela province, Tari, where power was out and the cellphone tower was down.

A local man, Moses Komengi said there had been significant loss of life

PNG’s export revenue affected: PM

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, after returning from the affected areas late yesterday afternoon, described the situation as a ‘sad day for PNG’.

“It is unfortunate whilst the economy is turning around and the commodity prices around the global markets have improved, which resulted in the increased in the country’s revenue, we are faced with this enormous challenge.

PNGDF ordered to respond to quake

"Defence Force personnel in Hela, Southern Highlands and Western Highlands provinces are preparing to deploy when the extent of the damage has been confirmed and targeted relief operations initiated,” stated the PM in a statement.

"There are communities that have suffered from this natural disaster, and we are sending our soldiers and other Government agencies to support our people in their time of need.

"We know that there have been houses lost, roads cut by land slips and a disruption to services.

Fears of deaths following PNG quake

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the magnitude-7.5 earthquake struck at a depth of 35km in Komo-Magarima district.

It hit at 4am local time, according to the USGS.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said there was no risk of a tsunami in the aftermath of the quake.

The mobile phone network in the region has been disrupted, frustrating attempts by people in other parts of PNG to gauge initial reports of damage from the quake.

PNG’s Kadovar community told return to volcanic island not viable

The small island just north of PNG's mainland began erupting last month, prompting the evacuation of over 600 residents to the East Sepik capital Wewak.

According to the Rabaul Volcano Observatory, Kadovar's eruption continues at a low-level with mild steaming at the summit, and gentle emission of lava.

But Governor Allan Bird said he has had to tell the resettled Kadovar community that a return was not viable.

He said they had accepted the sad news.

'Years' before PNG volcano evacuees can return

691 islanders were evacuated over the weekend after a volcanic eruption began on Friday and progressively intensified.

The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory's Steve Saunders said the surprise eruption on Kadovar had covered the island in ash but no lava had yet reached the surface.

Mr Saunders said it would either peter out or develop into a full blown eruption where magma and explosive gases escaped.

He said with the islanders successfully evacuated, the main concern now was whether a tsunami would be triggered and aviation disrupted.

Warning for scuba divers in PNG

The U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby confirmed this, stating that the hyperbaric decompression chamber located in Port Moresby is currently closed and disabled, with no timeline for when it will be reactivated.

In its simplest form, the hyperbaric chamber is a cylindrical metal or acrylic tube large enough to hold one or more persons and equipped with an access hatch that retains its seal under high pressure. Air, another breathing mixture, or oxygen is pumped in by a compressor or allowed to enter from pressurised tanks.

Last surviving PNG Fuzzy Wuzzy dies

Ninety-one year-old Havala Laula died in the village of Kagi just before Christmas day.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels provided vital assistance to Australian troops in Papua New Guinea during the Second World War and were called Fuzzy Wuzzy for their unusually big unkempt afro hairstyle.

They carried supplies, building bases, airfields and other infrastructure, and evacuated the sick and wounded from the fighting in nearly inaccessible terrain.

In 2009, the Australian government awarded commemorative medals to the surviving angels or to their widows or widowers.