Pauline Hanson

Former foes Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott 'catch up' for coffee in Facebook video

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson and former prime minister Tony Abbott have not had the best of relationships over the years.

Senator Hanson has held Mr Abbott responsible for her three-year jail sentence for electoral fraud, of which she served 11 weeks before the conviction was quashed.

She argued he was involved in bankrolling the court cases which led to her brief imprisonment in 2003.

"Pauline, it's good to catch up with you again after all these years," Mr Abbott said in the video of their meeting posted to Senator Hanson's Facebook page.

Hanson says anti-Islam group's Gosford Anglican Church stunt 'counterproductive'

Members of the group, Party for Freedom, were dressed in mock Islamic garb when they barged into the Gosford Anglican Church during a service on the New South Wales Central Coast on Sunday.

They pretended to pray while playing Muslim prayers on a loudspeaker and criticised Islam before walking out.

Put cameras in mosques: Aus. senator

These are the words of the woman who is now one of Australia's most powerful politicians, newly-elected senator Pauline Hanson.

Hanson was confirmed elected to the Australian Senate last week, along with three other members of her One Nation party, according to the Australian Electoral Commission.