petroleum prices

Tonga implements new petroleum prices

According to the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development, Tonga Competent Authority approved the new prices.

The wholesale price will increase by 11.68, 14.48 and 13.88 seniti/litre for petrol, kerosene and diesel respectively.

All price changes include consumption tax.

The local retail prices have been impacted by an increase in the global prices with kerosene and diesel rising slightly more due to demand recovery in China/India.


Petroleum prices increase in Tonga

Wholesale petrol, kerosene and diesel has increased by 8.92 seniti/litre, 6.37 seniti/litre, and 5.56 seniti/litre respectively.

The retail price in Tongatapu for petroleum increased by 8.92 seniti/litre, Kerosene by 6.48 seniti/litre and Diesel by 5.56 seniti/litre

All price changes include consumption tax and the new prices came into effect Wednesday, 16 October 2019.

Change of oil prices on the global market have had an impact on process in Tonga over the October-November period.

New petroleum prices for Nov–Dec announced in Tonga

The new prices have been approved by the Tonga Competent Authority.

Wholesale petrol and kerosene will increase by 8.75 seniti/litre and 10.84 seniti/litre respectively, while diesel prices recorded the highest increase up by 11.98 seniti/litre.

The Ministry of Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation & Labour says all price changes include consumption tax.



New Petroleum Prices for January – February 2016

The new prices for January-February were announced by the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism & Labour today.