Protest March

Protest in New Caledonia against govt's pandemic policies

The unauthorised march in Noumea was held just a day after the government imposed a limit of 30 people for any outside gathering.

Police say while the meeting was illegal, they didn't intervene because many children were in the crowd.

However, according to the public broadcaster, police used teargas after the end of the rally to disperse some demonstrators.

The march was called to oppose the health pass required to enter venues, such as restaurants and museums, and to protest against the law making vaccinations mandatory.

Hundreds march in Tahiti against building of floating islands

The march by residents of Mataiea was held despite a statement by the government of Edouard Fritch in February that its deal with the Americans had become void.

The demonstrators, who included local fishermen and families, are opposed to building the islands in the Atimaono lagoon, saying the area is their food source.

The government said its agreement with the Seasteading Institute was not a legal document and that it expired at the end of 2017.

It also said it hoped that this would end the debate about the floating islands.

Tongan fan goes flying from car during protest

Demonstrations went into a third day on Monday after Mate Ma'a Tonga lost their semi-final game against England at the Rugby League World Cup on Saturday night.

The side's 20-18 defeat came after a controversial call in the match's dying moments, when Australian referee Matt Cecchin ruled a knock-on without consulting a video replay.

But while most Tongan fans have been protesting the contentious call peacefully, others have used it as an excuse for reckless behaviour, as evidenced in the video.

Solidarity march for West Papua

Among the marchers were community leaders, politicians, church ministers and youth advocates.
Journalists estimated the crowd at over 200 that marched from the town's central market to the main government building, not far from the office of Prime Minister Mannaseh Sogavare.
One of Sogavare's daughters and a niece were among the pro-West Papua marchers, and it came a day after Sogavare announced that his government would not support the West Papua pro-independence's application for full membership of the MSG.