Tonga repatriates from Christchurch cleared to go home

The travelers were released this week after spending 21 days in quarantine.

Sixty-seven passengers were at Makeke Quarantine Facility and 147 were at Tanoa Quarantine Facility.

According to the Chief Medical Officer, Public Health, Dr Reynold ‘Ofanoa, they followed the testing protocol.

He thanked the frontliners and the passengers for their compliance to help keep Tonga safe.  

 There have been 32 flights since Tonga began repatriation on 13 July 2020.


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Tonga toughens coronavirus ‘measures’ for repatriates after Christchurch reports cases

One of the cases had permission to go to Auckland to provide childcare and tested negative before returning to Christchurch.

The second case is a truck driver who completed deliveries around the Christchurch area and some trips to North Canterbury.

Both became unwell last week and were tested two days ago.

They returned positive Covid tests on Wednesday night.

Three households with nine close contacts have been identified.