Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison: Australia ex-PM resists pressure to step down

He defended his decision - which was taken during the pandemic - as "necessary" in "extraordinary times".

Mr Morrison is currently the member of parliament for Cook in New South Wales.

The revelations caused uproar among the public and his colleagues, with one calling his behaviour "dictatorial".

Mr Morrison became joint minister for the health portfolio from March 2020, and for finance, treasury, home affairs and resources from May 2021.

Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison in battle to be Australian prime minister

Scott Morrison heads to the election as the first Prime Minister since John Howard, more than 14 years ago, to serve a full term as the nation's leader.

The man trying to stop him from securing the Coalition a fourth term is Labor's Anthony Albanese, a 26-year veteran of the federal parliament.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Once dubbed an accidental prime minister after coming to power in a leadership spill that toppled Malcolm Turnbull, Morrison has served a full term with largely no speculation about his leadership.

Australian parliament makes formal apology to rape accuser

Brittany Higgins' case sparked a sweeping review that identified a "boys club" culture in parliament in which sexual harassment is rife.

The apology in parliament on Tuesday was also for others who have suffered sexual misconduct or bullying there.

Mr Morrison has previously faced criticism over his responses.

Ms Higgins, a former staffer for two ministers, was seated in the House of Representatives public gallery to watch the apologies by the prime minister, the opposition leader and others.

Deputy keeps job despite calling Scott Morrison a liar

Mr Joyce apologised after learning that the message - sent last year and passed to a former staffer of Scott Morrison's Liberal Party - was being made public.

The text was dated 22 March, before Mr Joyce took on his current role.

Rejecting his resignation, Mr Morrison said: "We all have our frailties and none of us are perfect."

Mr Joyce, 54, told reporters on Saturday: "I want to apologise to the prime minister... I should have never written the text that I did.

Australian PM brushes off reported text exchange between Berejiklian and minister

An alleged conversation between a "senior Liberal cabinet minister" and former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian was relayed live on air by Channel Ten's political editor Peter Van Onselen yesterday.

Berejiklian reportedly described the Prime Minister as a "horrible, horrible person", with the minister responding he was a "complete psycho".

The ABC has not seen or verified the text exchange.

Berejiklian has not denied the conversation, but said yesterday she had no recollection of it.

Australia uses big-spending budget to aid recovery, win over voters

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's billions in support and reform programmes for women and aged-care home residents comes amid public anger over his government's handling of sexism and misconduct claims in Canberra, and a public inquiry that revealed widespread abuse in the care home sector.

The deficit will hit a record $A161 billion in the fiscal year ending 30 June 2021 though, as a strong economic rebound improves government finances, that is more than $A50 billion lower than a forecast made in December.

Australia to resume repatriation flights from India

The government's controversial ban, which made it an offence for people to try and re-enter Australia after being in India within the prior 14 days, began on Monday and was due to finish on 15 May.

Morrison said the National Security Committee met yesterday and agreed it saw "no need to extend it beyond that date".

"The original decision to put in place that biosecurity order until the 15th of May has proved very effective and it will run its full course until that time without any change," he said.

Australia upgrading bases, expands war games with US

At the same time, he has also defended comments made by Australia's new Defence Minister Peter Dutton that the possibility of conflict with China over Taiwan should not be "discounted".

Morrison was in Darwin to confirm a $747 million upgrade to defence facilities in the Northern Territory, part of $8 billion set to be spent on military infrastructure in northern Australia over the next decade.

The bases are often used for joint Australian-US military training exercises, including an annual rotation of thousands of US Marines.

Australia to end harassment loophole for politicians

Public servants are currently exempt from complaints about workplace gender discrimination, along with some employers of volunteers because of a legal loophole that says they are technically not the complainant's employer.

Australia PM shifts rape-accused minister in cabinet reshuffle

Christian Porter will no longer be attorney general but will remain in cabinet in a new portfolio.

Mr Porter has strongly rejected an allegation that he raped a girl in 1988 when he was 17.

Mr Morrison promoted several female lawmakers as part of a broader cabinet reshuffle on Monday.

The prime minister has faced intense pressure in recent weeks to respond to a series of rape, misconduct and sexism allegations which have rocked Australian politics.