Tonga eruption caused fastest underwater flow - scientists

New analysis produced by scientists from around the world, including NIWA, indicates the flows travelled up to 122km/h — up to 50% faster than any other recorded.

The eruption of Hunga-Tonga Hunga-Ha'apai and the ensuing tsunami killed four people in Tonga after becoming the largest atmospheric explosion recorded by modern instruments.

Scientists say that material from the volcanic eruption collapsed into the ocean, triggering a huge surge of rock, ash, and gas that caused extensive damage to Tonga's underwater telecommunication cables some 80km away.

Seabased shakes hands for 10MW wave energy plant in Tonga

The MoU, signed between Seabased, the Kingdom of Tonga, and United Nations-recognised association representing small island developing states SIDS DOCK, sets out plans for the build-out of 10MW wave energy park that will be conducted in phases.

The initial park in Tonga will be 2MW and is projected to save the island kingdom $2 million in foreign exchange, displace 2 million liters of fuel, reduce carbon emissions by roughly 5.6 kilotons and generate enough power for 2,800 homes.