Sexual Abuse

Auckland school rugby coach Alosio Taimo jailed for 22 years for historical sex abuse

In October, Taimo was found guilty of 95 of the 106 charges against him for sexually abusing boys.

The jury returned with their verdicts after 17 hours of deliberations.

The 56-year-old was originally charged with offending against one boy in August 2016.

The boy's aunt had overheard him telling his cousins that Taimo was gay and that he knew this because Taimo had touched him.

She went to police who investigated and identified more complainants.

Tonga Supreme Court finds mum, stepdad guilty of sexual abuse of daughters

The stepfather was found guilty of one count of rape, six counts of serious indecent assault, two charges of indecent exposure and five charges of domestic violence.

The teenagers’ mother was found guilty of one charge of aiding rape, four counts of aiding serious indecent assault, one count of domestic violence and one of common assault.

The couple appeared before Judge Justice Cato.

“Cases involving sexual offending on young people are taken very seriously by the Courts and are of the utmost importance,” Justice Cato said.

Suspended Guam Archbishop found guilty of sexual abuse

The Catholic Church on the island has been consumed by a child sex abuse scandal that went right to the top of the church's hierarchy: Archbishop Anthony Apuron.

Apuron was accused of assaulting altar boys when he was a parish priest on Guam in the 1970s.

When the allegations first surfaced in June 2016, Pope Francis suspended Apuron and put his before a secretive Vatican procedure.

In its ruling issued overnight, the Apostolic Tribunal stripped Apuron of office and prohibited him from returning to Guam.

Facebook blackmailer jailed for rapes

Paul Leighton, 32, from Seaham, County Durham, created up to 40 fake Facebook profiles to befriend teenagers in the UK, Canada, the US and Australia.

He tricked them into sending him naked selfies, then blackmailed them into abusing young relatives.

He had earlier admitted a total of 21 offences at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard one 14-year-old from Florida was tricked into believing he was talking to a girl, then blackmailed into repeatedly raping his one-year-old niece.

Vatican to hear from former altar boy accusing Guam Archbishop of abuse

Reports say groups of Catholics plan to be there to show support for Roland Sondia and other abuse survivors.

Archbishop Apuron is undergoing a canonical trial sparked by allegations he raped and sexually abused altar boys in the 1970s.

Vatican policy dictates only the Vatican can investigate bishops and archbishops accused of sexual abuse.

At least 17 sexual abuse lawsuits have been filed against Archbishop Apuron, other clergy members and the Archdiocese of Agana.

Boko Haram survivors raped by officials

Dozens of victims who stayed at camps for the displaced in Borno State's capital Maiduguri told Human Rights Watch they were sexually abused or coerced into sex by camp leaders, vigilante group members, policemen and soldiers. Many of the women were abandoned after becoming pregnant.

"It is bad enough that these women and girls are not getting much-needed support for the horrific trauma they suffered at the hands of Boko Haram," said Mausi Segun, senior Nigeria researcher at HRW.