Shortland St

Down Syndrome Association upset by Shortland Street episode

In a recent episode, the baby's father Chris Warner suggested the mother abort the pregnancy after learning it might have Down syndrome.

That's angered the Down Syndrome Association who say they weren't consulted about the episode.

Down Syndrome Association spokesperson Kim Porthouse told Morning Report the storyline reflected outdated thinking and failed to represent an inclusive society.

'It's time to say goodbye to Wendy Cooper' says an emotional Jacqueline Nairn

An emotional Jacqueline Nairn, who plays Wendy Cooper on Shortland Street, says she's going to miss the character she's had the privilege of playing for almost six years on Kiwi television's most popular drama.

"Now everyone knows it's all over, Wendy Cooper has come to an end," a tearful Nairn said.

"It is surreal, when you play a character for a long time, they become like one of your best friends.