India air pollution at 'unbearable levels', Delhi minister says

In many areas of Delhi air quality deteriorated into the "hazardous" category on Sunday with the potential to cause respiratory illnesses.

Authorities have urged people to stay inside to protect themselves.

Mr Kejriwal called on the central government to provide relief and tackle the toxic pollution.

Schools have been closed, more than 30 flights diverted and construction work halted as the city sits in a thick blanket of smog.

Schools closed 3 days because of smog

In addition, construction and demolition work were banned for the next five days, Kejriwal said at a news conference called to announce emergency measures to protect the public from air pollution.

He cautioned that odd-even rationing for vehicles -- in which cars would only be allowed to operate on alternating days depending on their license plate numbers -- could be implemented if the situation does not improve soon.