Why you can’t switch off on weekends


They take conference calls on holiday, wake up in cold sweats over looming deadlines – even their sleep talk is peppered with business jargon. By Monday morning, they look like they’ve spent the whole weekend hunched over their laptop, wired on coffee. It’s hard to believe they ever left the office.

Why is it that some people just can’t relax at the weekend?

You probably need a Digital Detox.

As you get that last yawn in, you’re already checking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You brush your teeth while watching the latest crazy cat video on Youtube.

At work, you always seem to start on the big projects but the emails keep coming through, compounding your inbox with incessant questions that you just have to get back to.

By the time you get home you’re exhausted, frazzled, and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything.

Email app is bad for your health: study

Technology that puts people at the continuous beck and call of their emails has created a culture where people feel they must be constantly available for work, according to research.

As a result, an "unwritten organisational etiquette" has become ingrained in the workplace and employees have developed habits which are bad for their emotional well-being.

How to De-Stress in Under 2 Minutes

You’ve probably been told to calm down and “take a deep breath” at some point in your life. Maybe you rolled your eyes at the advice, but science shows that this trick really can help you relax. 

First, some breathing basics: When you inhale, you trigger your sympathetic nervous system to kick in—the one that’s wired to boost your heart rate and blood pressure, says Bill Hartman, P.T., C.S.C.S., Men’s Health’s sports medicine advisor.