Linda Evangelista: Supermodel settles cosmetic procedure case

She said last September she had experienced an adverse reaction to a fat reduction procedure five years ago which actually increased her fat cells.

"I'm pleased to have settled the case," she wrote on Instagram.

Last year she said she was left "unrecognisable" by the procedure.

Evangelista told her 1.2 million Instagram followers it was the reason she had disappeared from the public eye.

The terms of the settlement have not been made public. The BBC has asked both the model and the parent company behind the procedure, Allergan, for comment.

Tyra Banks returning to 'America's Next Top Model'

Fresh off the news that Banks will be taking over hosting duties on "America's Got Talent," the model/mogul has announced she is returning to helm the show she created, "America's Next Top Model."

"I missed my ANTM baby so Mama's back," Banks tweeted Thursday.

She stopped hosting the reality model series last year when The CW Network canceled the show after 22 cycles.

"ANTM" moved to VH1 with singer Rita Ora as host and Banks continuing as executive producer.

Supermodel Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals she was born intersex

The 28-year-old says she has decided to go public in order to raise awareness of what intersex means and campaign on behalf of the community.

She is one of the first high profile people to share their intersex status.

Intersex is a broad term which describes a variety of different conditions where internal and external sex organs don't fit typical male and female definitions.

"I have reached a point in my life where I feel ready to share this important part of who I am," Hanne said.

Supermodel Tyra Banks talks lesson in "Flawsome"

We sat down with the beauty to discuss how everyone can look just as fierce as a top model...without a TV production crew behind them. It may or may not include using some of her Tyra Beauty products but definitely requires embracing what your mama gave ya. Keep reading to find out Tyra's thoughts on how social media has changed the modeling game, what the new "smize" is and so much more.