Hacking the farm: How farmers use 'digital agriculture' to grow more crops

Meanwhile, the amount of arable land is decreasing, and farmers face mounting challenges.

Climate Corporation aims to take the guesswork out of issues like weather and crop disease. The 10-year-old company offers a slate of "digital agriculture" tools that provide a real-time, Facebook-esque feed about what's happening on a farm at every moment.

PM launches Tonga National CERT

Tonga National CERT becomes the very first national CERT in the Pacific established to address and respond to computer incidents, raise awareness and building capacity of ICT professional.

Director of APNIC, Paul Wilson in a teleconference call from Australia during the event said he was pleased to be part of the special event as Tonga launched its first national CERT.

You probably need a Digital Detox.

As you get that last yawn in, you’re already checking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You brush your teeth while watching the latest crazy cat video on Youtube.

At work, you always seem to start on the big projects but the emails keep coming through, compounding your inbox with incessant questions that you just have to get back to.

By the time you get home you’re exhausted, frazzled, and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything.

Samsung warns of 2016 tech gloom

The world's largest smartphone vendor faces another difficult year after a 2015 plagued by economic turbulence and volatile exchange rates, chief executive Officer Kwon Oh-Hyun said.

Samsung - the maker of Galaxy smartphones - is fighting to protect its market share from Apple and Chinese rivals like Huawei and grappling with declining semiconductor and consumer electronics prices.

India offers Pacific help on climate

Leaders and delegates from 14 island nations are in Jaipur for the second Summit of the Forum for India- Pacific Islands Cooperation.

India's Economic Times quotes the country's External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, saying India stands ready to share its expertise and technology with the island nations to help them adapt to and to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The paper says India will push for greater cooperation with the island countries in sectors like oil and natural gas, mining, IT, healthcare, fishing and marine research.