Teens held in UK as Briton named as hostage-taker

British citizen Malik Faisal Akram, 44, from Blackburn, was shot dead after a standoff with police in Colleyville.

Details of the ages or genders of the pair arrested in south Manchester on Sunday evening were not revealed.

Greater Manchester Police said it was liaising with local communities and continuing to assist in the US inquiry.

The force said the two teenagers were arrested "as part of the ongoing investigation into the attack" and were being held in custody for questioning.

Tonga urges parents to get teenagers jabbed

According to Matangi Tonga, the ministry is in a race against time to inoculate 13,738 teenagers with the Pfizer vaccine before the doses it has in stock expire in 28 days time.

At least 1,097 people aged 12-17 years old have received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine since it arrived last week.

The vaccine roll-out continues to secondary and middle schools on Tongatapu this week.

Meanwhile, a vaccination team will travel to 'Eua on Wednesday to start vaccination at schools there, before going to other islands groups next week.