Shakira shows her inner rocker

In a sneak peek first on CNN, the late-night host and the former "Voice" coach hop in car for one of the most international episodes of the Apple Music series to date.

Once buckled up, Shakira surprises Noah with her song choice -- "Zombie" by The Cranberries.

"I like to rock out," Shakira said in the clip. "I became a pop singer, but I grew up listening to hard-core rock music."

Noah has some surprises of his own in store for the episode, in which Sharkia takes Noah on a tour of Barcelona.

The episode begins streaming Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.

Why Benedict Cumberbatch is his own worst critic

The actor says he's even harder on himself than the harshest online troll.

Marvel's Doctor Strange is looking at his work in a new light thanks to his production company, SunnyMarch, which is behind The Child In Time.

The 41-year-old not only plays the lead role in the first ever TV adaptation of an Ian McEwan novel, but is the BBC One drama's executive producer as well.

Cumberbatch stars as Stephen Lewis, a children's author whose world falls apart when his four-year-old daughter goes missing in a supermarket.

'American Assassin' helped Dylan O'Brien get back on his feet

O'Brien knows what it's like to come out of the other side of a traumatic incident, and he used it to bring this character, based on the one created by Vince Flynn for a series of novels, from page to big screen.

"I felt like I really understood this character in a way more than I ever could have, funny enough," he told CNN.

In March 2016, O'Brien was seriously injured while filming the third film in the "Maze Runner" franchise.

The actor suffered multiple injuries, including a facial fracture, and production on the film was shuttered for months.

What the Emmys may indicate about the future of TV

While most viewers will tune in to see celebrities walk the red carpet or hear Stephen Colbert's opening monologue, Hollywood and Silicon Valley executives will be paying attention to something far more important: the scoreboard.

The Aussie company behind THAT epic Game of Thrones scene

That was the reality for hundreds of staff at Australian visual effects firm Iloura, who were tasked with bringing to life a key battle scene in the latest season of the global phenomenon.


The epic scene in episode four, called The Loot Train, was brought to life by hundreds of staff over seven months.

They added fire, smoke, horses and people to hundreds of shots — though a different firm handled the dragons.

What it's like to be cast as a reality TV villain

Being a reality TV fan was something I used to be ashamed of, but now I've embraced it. I wanted to explore the bizarre world of reality TV — to separate realism and truth from the construction and manipulation.

When we watch reality television, we contradict ourselves. We don't believe it to be real yet we behave as though it is. For evidence of this, you just to need to look at how reality TV stars are treated when they return to their day to day lives — for the viewers, they are forever the "character" they played.

Wollongong fashion stylist to recreate Game of Thrones' Night King

The slogan for the show is 'winter is coming', but it came at the start of spring for Wollongong fashion stylist Alarna Hope.

She was contacted by the creators of one of the world's biggest television shows with an unusual request.

The job? To create an identical real life Night King — the number one villain in HBO's all conquering series Game of Thrones.

"The opportunity was an odd one because I don't get these types of calls every day," Ms Hope said.

X Factor is back (with a bit of de javu)

There are fewer live shows this year, with more episodes focusing on auditions and bootcamp stages.

Also, Simon Cowell is encouraging entrants to perform more original songs during their auditions.

But despite these changes, some of what the stars of the show have been saying sounds remarkably familiar.

Here's what Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Dermot O'Leary had to say - and how they caused a minor sense of deja vu.

This will be the best year ever for The X Factor

Doctor Who: New star Jodie Whittaker hopes fans embrace her casting

Whittaker, 35, breaks a tradition back to the start of the television series in 1963 that the Doctor is a man, travelling the universe as a "time lord" in a telephone box to protect the weak and combat evil aliens.

"I hope, you know, my gender isn't a fearful thing for the fans," Whittaker told the BBC, in her first broadcast interview since her casting was announced last month.

Tom Hardy's bedtime story tribute to dog

The actor will read Fleabag by Helen Stephens, which is about the friendship between a young boy and his scruffy pet.

He recorded the story last year with Woody next to him and says the broadcast will be a fitting mark of respect to the memory of his dog.

Tom Hardy spoke about his loss in an emotional blog at the time.