Tonga businesses

Tongan businesses face long recovery

Some resorts and restaurants were destroyed in the disaster, and limited internet and telecommunications are hampering services for others.

The owner of the Vakaloa Resort in Tonga Maryanne Tukuafu whose business was decimated in the tsunami disaster, said the country's economic recovery will be long term.

Tonga to conduct COVID-19 impact assessments on businesses

The National Tripartite Labour Organisation has confirmed that the assessment will be held from 10 August until 7 September.

The organisation is carrying out the survey with the support of the International Labour Organisation.

The Ministry of Trade & Economic Development (MTED) CEO, Distaquaine Tu'ihalamaka said the survey will look at key areas such as the number of businesses that have been negatively impacted, the number of jobs that have been or will be impacted and the types of sectors impacted because of COVID-19.

Tongan businesses want more training opportunities

The country goes to the polls on Thursday.

Chamber President, Paula Taumoepeau said the economy was small and heavily reliant on remittances.

He said this meant it was important that people were trained to overseas standards but also others were trained to fill the gaps of those that leave.

"Any business that survives in Tonga for long, they have to train people all the time. They know that as soon as somebody's skilled enough and has an opportunity, they'll go. It is a fact of doing business in Tonga and most of the Pacific islands."