Tonga MP

Tonga's PM proposes MPs take a pay cut

Pohiva Tu'i'onetoa made the proposal as parliament met for the presentation of the government's budget.

Finance minister Tevita Lavemaau presented the US$253 million budget, with a forecast US$25 million deficit for the year ahead.

Mr Lavemaau said he thinks this is Tonga's biggest budget deficit ever.

He added that a US$181 million loan from China is due to be paid in 2024, suggesting that Tonga plead with Beijing to cancel the repayment.

Parliament will debate the proposed salary reduction.


Action is urgently needed against Pohiva says Noble

Lord Fusitu'a said there have been a series of breaches of the rule of law, of the principles of democracy and the Constitution under the government of 'Akilisi Pohiva.

Mr Pohiva had already survived a vote of no-confidence and another such vote cannot be submitted until next year but Lord Fusitu'a said a group of MPs are looking at other avenues to remove the prime minister.

He said something needs to be done because there was discontent and disillusionment throughout the country.

Only Tonga woman MP outlines focus

RNZI reports the only woman in the Tonga parliament, 'Akosita Lavulavu, won her Vava'u 16 seat in a by election last week.

Her husband, Eutate Lavulavu, had lost the seat after being convicted of charges relating to his campaign in the 2014 election.

Mrs Lavulavu told Radio Tonga she wants to initiate activity across a wide range.