Tonga Police College

New classrooms for Tonga Police College

The classrooms were commissioned by the Australian High Commissioner, Adrian Morrison.

The new school building has three classrooms, which can accommodate 75 – 90 students.

The classrooms are partitioned with a wondoor, which can be drawn to form a hall.

The value of the construction was TOP$435,445.00.

The Tonga Police College’s new school building is the last of 43 buildings rebuilt and repaired/retrofitted under the Pacific Resilience Programme (PREP) project.

This is the 25th school, which marks the completion of this construction program.

Tonga commissions new police training building

The multi-million dollar building was named after the late Honourable 'Akua'ola, who was Minister of Police for 27 years.

The building was funded by the Australian and New Zealand governments, with rooms furnished for training and meeting purposes.

Police Commissioner Stephen Caldwell told the official opening ceremony crime had reduced with 872 less offences compared to 2015.