Tonga Roads

Tonga sets aside $12 million pa’anga worth of road construction contracts from national budget

The government stated that the companies had won $12 million pa’anga worth of road construction contracts, to construct 2100 kilometres of tar-sealed roads. However, it has stopped short of naming the three companies.

The National budget for 2020-2021 was tabled in Parliament by the Finance minister, Tevita Lavemaau, on Monday last week.

Tonga roads need to be maintained, ADB

The ADB contributed $US5 million to the Nuku'alofa improvement project.

An ADB report says there's doubt the Government recognised the importance of maintenance of the improved assets.

Matangi Tonga reports continual maintenance of the drainage system is considered essential by the design engineers so it could do its job during periods of heavy rainfall.

The report reveals that cancellation of plans and reallocation of funds had compromised the goals of the five-year project.