Tonga Supreme Court

Tonga Supreme Court finds man not guilty on drug charge

Talikivaha Palei Posoni was charged with possessing the drug at Te’ekiu on 22 March, 2019.

Kaniva News reports Police raided Posoni’s house after being told by an informer that he was dealing drugs.

The search was carried out without a search warrant.

A bag containing a white substance and a pipe were found hidden in a hole in the wall.

Officer Taufa, who took part in the raid, described the substance as 24.54 grams of methamphetamine.

The substance was later sent to New Zealand for testing.

Woman appointed to Tonga Supreme Court

The Nepituno webpage reported the king’s Judicial Appointments and Discipline Panel has recommended Langi to be appointed as a Supreme Court Judge.

Langi was first appointed as a senior magistrate on March 29 2018.

She also served as an Assistant Senior Crown Counsel at the Attorney General’s Office.

Langi’s appointment last week came after another woman, Loupua Kiola Kulī was appointed senior magistrate of Tonga’s lower courts early this year.

Langi was the second woman to be appointed to the magistrate position.

Tonga Supreme Court convicts passenger carrying undeclared money

Qian Xiyun failed to declare to Customs that he was carrying more than TP$10,000 of currency.

He was scheduled to fly out to Fiji.

Kaniva News reports Qian originally pleaded guilty to the charge and elected trial by judge alone in relation to other charges. Clive Edwards appeared for him at trial, which began on 18 March 2019.

At the start of the trial, Edwards said he would argue that the accused had wrongly pleaded guilty to an offence the Crown could not sustain in law.

Crown’s appeal adjourned sine die in Tonga court, accused still in US

It has been revealed the defendant has left for the US and has not returned to Tonga.

Kaniva News reports tThe decision came after a Magistrate in 2011 fined and ordered Supileo ‘Uhatafe to pay $100 immediately after Police charged him for causing bodily harm. If he failed to pay the fine he would have served six weeks in jail.

The Magistrate also fined and ordered ‘Uhatafe to pay $50 immediately after Police charged him for assault. Failing to do so would have ended him up in jail for three weeks.

Tonga Supreme Court suspends final year of drug sentence after accused makes late guilty plea

Ta’ufo’ou was sentenced to two years and three months for possession.

He was arrested on March 17, 2017, after being found in possession of a substantial amount of cannabis, totalling 635.54 grams.

This comprised one bag containing cannabis found on the front lawn, one cannabis branch with leaves found in the living room and one bag with cannabis seeds found in the first bedroom.

Kaniva News reports Police also found three bundles of cannabis plant branches found in the ceiling and four cannabis branches found in the ceiling.

Tongan PM calls for jailing of parliament

The company, which manages Tonga's orbital space, is at the centre of a legal case brought by Mr Pohiva over nearly $US50 million it received from China.

Last month, Tonga's Supreme Court ruled the payments were not approved by the government.

According to Matangi Tonga Mr Pohiva told parliament last week that a 2012 Auditor General's report reached the same conclusion but nothing was done.

He suggested the members take turns in twos to do prison time at the weekends and in the mornings so as not to disrupt parliament.

Father gets 9 year prison term for incest and violence

The offences took place between December 2016 and January 2017.

In his report on the trial, Justice Charles Cato said the acts had been carried out on the man’s daughter.

The accused is married with three children. He lived in the former family home. He had two other children including the complainant, by his first marriage.

Kaniva News reports he had a number of convictions for dishonesty dating back to 1992, several for housebreaking and theft including one in 1998 when he received an eight year sentence.

Tonga Supreme Court declares Public Service Commission’s decision on CEO unlawful

Lord Chief Justice Paulsen granted Mr. Fa’oliu leave to apply for a review of the Commission’s decision of July 11, 2016 not to appoint him.

“In my view the interests of the parties and the public can be best advanced if the Commission is now free to re-advertise the role of CEO for the Ministry,” Mr Justice Paulsen said.

“Mr. Fa’oliu will of course be entitled to apply for the position on an even footing with all other applicants.”

Father denies drugging, raping daughter

The father from Hahake, Tongatapu has pleaded not guilty to 15 charges including incest with daughter, procuring sexual acts by administering drugs and rape.

Local media report the accused has also denied a charge of domestic violence.

It’s alleged he threatened his daughter with a pair of scissors.

The court heard the victim’s parents are separated and she lived with her father between September 2016 and January 2017.

Prisoner’s sentence reduced by Tonga Supreme Court

Moale Vi had pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm after hitting Penisimani Fifita on the head with an iron bar and fracturing his skull.

Kaniva News reports the incident took place at the fire station in Longolongo on December 22, 2016.

Mr Justice Charles Cato said Vi’s counsel had provided information that indicated that Vi had been involved in a conflict with his fellow fire officers are returning to the station drunk.

During the struggle to restrain him, Fifita kicked Vi repeatedly in the head.