Tongan community

For My Father's Kingdom explores faith, love and fatherhood in Tongan community

For My Father's Kingdom is directed by Pacific film-makers Vea Mafile'o of Tonga and Samoa's Jeremiah Tauamiti.

The documentary centres on Vea's father, Saia Mafile'o, and his four children.

Film reviewer Chris Schulz told Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon people were in tears at the screening in Auckland.

"All great documentaries shine a light on something that you don't know anything about. Right?

"So, this is about tithing in the Tongan church. I knew nothing about this.

"When I walked in, I walked in absolutely cold. And it really affected me.

Woman sentenced for unlicensed immigration advice to Pacific community

Lealeifuaneva Linda Moala was sentenced earlier this month, after pleading guilty to charges of unlicensed immigration advice in March last year.

Ms Moala, who worked as a contractor for Immigration New Zealand, took payments from family and friends while claiming she was an immigration officer.

New Zealand's Immigration Advisers Authority is urging members of the Pacific community to make sure immigration advisors are licensed.

Tongan community leader calls on those responsible to do the right thing

That is the message being sent to two men thought to be involved in an incident that left a 28-year-old man dead and a woman seriously injured with gunshot wounds.

Police continue to hunt those responsible after a homicide investigation was launched when the victims were found on a rural road in Mangere yesterday morning.

Authorities quickly said they did not believe the shooting was random and were looking for two Tongan men.

Tongan community leader Melino Maka is strongly urging those involved to come forward.

Family grieves for Māngere homicide victim

The 28-year-old died in Greenwood Rd, Māngere, on Tuesday morning after being shot "more than once", police said.

A 25-year-old woman was found seriously injured at his side, also with gunshot wounds.

Tu'uheava's brother-in-law said it was a shock and his wife had been distraught since hearing of her brother's death

The shock had been even more profound because they had not realised Tu'uheava was in Auckland. 

"We thought he was in Australia," the brother-in-law said.

Tu'uheava, 28, was a member of the Tongan church based in Favona Rd.

Woman pleads guilty after taking advantage of Pacific Islanders in 'tough spot

Lealeifuaneva Linda Moala appeared in south Auckland's Manukau District Court on Tuesday answering to charges of unlawfully asking for a fee for immigration advice, and taking payment.

Moala had taken payment from four of her family members and friends in the Tongan community.

She asked for a fee for the provision of immigration advice knowing she was neither licensed nor exempt.

Moala also pleaded guilty to one charge under the Crimes Act 1961 of obtaining a payment by deception.

NZ/Tongan woman charged for illegal immigration advice

Lealeifuaneva Linda Moala was charged by Immigration Authority for payment from four family members and friends in the Tongan community.

The authority alleged Ms Moala was not licensed nor exempt and could not demand payment for any advice.

The registrar of immigration advisers, Catherine Albiston, said the authority continued to raise awareness amongst Pacific communities in New Zealand and the Pacific that unlawful immigration advice can cause significant stress and problems for visa applicants.


Arrest by Immigration NZ draws compassion from Tongan community

It was claimed the man overstayed his visa when he appeared in court yesterday.

A Tongan community leader in Katikati told Kaniva News if anyone in the community had any problems with living in New Zealand and needed help they could contact her on 07 5493134.

‘Ana Kava, who has sponsored many Tongans to come to New Zealand and worked in the orchards at Bay of Plenty said she understood Immigration New Zealand was raiding areas in Katikati and had made arrests yesterday.

She said she could not bear to visit those who had been detained.