Tongan dad

Tu‘akalau loses battle against COVID-19 in Salt Lake City

Tu’akalau’s wife Lotomo’ua has confirmed his death to Kaniva News.

It was Father’s Day in the US yesterday and Lotomo’ua took to Facebook to share what she did saying it was what Lelea would normally do and that is to put a bunch of flowers on his father’s grave.

Lotomo’ua said she took flowers and placed them for Tu’akalau while he was in hospital.

“This father’s day is different,” she wrote.

“Lelea Ki Vailahi we miss you so much today.”

“We love you so much keep fighting.”

Tongan family in US seeks prayers for dad in ICU with COVID-19

Lotomo’ua Tu’akalau said her husband, Lelea Tu’akalau, is on a ventilator to help him breathe at the hospital’s intensive care unit. She did not name the hospital.

“While we are terrified, we are hopeful for healing. I am pleading for your prayers at this time. I am thankful for friends in times like this,” Lotomo’ua told Kaniva News.

“I love you so much Lelea Kivailahi keep fighting Lelea,” she wrote on Facebook.

“This is a hardest time for me and my family, my husband Lelea Tuakalau tested Positive for the Coronavirus he is in the hospital ICU.”