Tongan family

US-based Tongan family files lawsuit against Police over son’s death in car chase

Lolomana’ia Soakai, 27, was killed on June 2022 after a vehicle struck him.

Kaniva Tonga News reports Lolomana’ia’s mother, Lavina Soakai broke her back in the accident.

Family members Ina Lavalu and Daniela Fifita, and a friend, Sam Finau, were also injured.

The East Bay family and others were waiting for food outside a popular burrito truck when the fatal incident happened.

Tongan family overwhelmed by community support for stabbing victim

Kalakaua Fungavaka, who is also known as Kaua was rushed to Royal Melbourne hospital in what the family described as a stabbing incident as Fungavaka got off the train from work.

According to Kaniva News, the details of the incident are still unknown.

Fungavaka’s family is grateful for those who sent support and encouragement for him while he is in hospital.

“They have read every comment and was overwhelmed by all the love they both appreciate you all”, said a post on Facebook by one of the family.

Jury awards Tongan family $25 million over death of daughter in US

Former BYU football player Reno Mahe and former BYU volleyball player Sunny Tonga Mahe had sued several window blinds companies in 3rd District Court for allegedly manufacturing and installing a faulty product that led to the death of their daughter Elsie Mahe in 2016.

Tribunal overturns Immigration New Zealand ruling Tongan family must leave

‘Alaimoana Tautua’ā and her five children had been told their application for a residency visa had been declined because ‘Alaimoana no longer had a partner to support her.

‘Alaimoana and her late husband, along with their two youngest children, arrived in New Zealand in 2016. The rest of the family arrived later.

Their five children, aged between 12 and 21, were all born in Tonga.

‘Alaimoana’s husband, ‘Ahoia Tautua’ā, was buried in Auckland in 2019 after dying of kidney failure.

Tongan family releases '50-year-old secret' of unlawful arrest during dawn raids in NZ

Tesimoni Fuavao was 20 years old when four palagi (Pākehā) police officers barged into the family’s Grey Lynn home at 4.30am, entered his parents’ room and handcuffed them, accusing them of overstaying their visa.

They were carted away, leaving him and his 6-year-old brother alone for 30 hours while his parents were in custody.

Fuavao has been battling anger and resentment ever since that era of dawn raids, and he only recently told his parents’ 19 grandchildren what had happened.

Family of Tongan man killed in Melbourne appeal for suspects to come forward

Tuivasa’s father, who appeared on a live stream by Victoria Police earlier this month, said he has forgiven and forgotten and he is pleading for who anyone who saw the incident to come forward.

He said he wants to see who did this.

Tuivasa’s partner whom he have five children with said the family wants “closure and peace.”

New street name honours Tongan family in Auckland

Two other new street names were Baitful Lane and Herenga Way.

Roskill Development webpage said the new names were decided after huge supports from the community.

Tongan family’s isolation exemption approved for funeral

The Akauola family in Auckland started an online petition this week seeking an answer from the government in regards to their case to receive a medical exemption.

The petition reached over 6,000 signatures in under a week.

The current restriction requires anyone entering New Zealand to be placed in managed isolation for at least 14 days.

Today the Minister of Health David Clark told RNZ Pacific the exemption had been granted on compassionate grounds.

Tongan family in Australia receive death threat after shooting incident

Sicona Aholahi was on his phone outside his family home at the Bidwill property around 9.30pm when four men pulled up in a black sedan.

He ran back inside the home after the shooting, followed by a man wielding a crowbar, 9 News reports.

Kaniva News reports Aholahi’s family was inside the home as the attacker threatened to kill them.

The victim’s father, Sione, challenged the violent offender.

‘I stood my ground and he said to me “I’m going to kill you”, and I said “do it”,’ Mr Aholahi said.