Tongan Government

Tongan Government steps up to help Kiwi church group in Israel

Up to 54 members of the Connection City Church Assemblies of God church travelled to Israel for a Holy Land tour, visiting historical Christian sites.

They arrived in Jerusalem early last week, just a few days before the devastating weekend assault by Hamas gunmen.

Pesi Sikalu told the Herald this morning they had received good news overnight - Turkish Airlines is now set to resume a flight out of Israel that the group is booked to be on.

The Tongan Government has also sent its consul representative to be with the group.

Tongan government confirms all homes on Mango destroyed, fears death toll to rise

It confirmed that three people are now known to have died: a 65-year-old woman in Mango and a 49-year-old man in Nomuka, both in the outlying Ha'apai island group; as well as British national Angela Glover in Tongatapu.

The Tongan navy had deployed with health teams and water, food and tents to the Ha'apai islands.

One aerial image taken by the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) showed Mango and described the damage there as "catastrophic".

No houses, but just a few temporary tarpaulin shelters could be seen.

Pac Games Council takes legal action against Tongan govt

The Council confirmed yesterday it would formally terminate the host agreement with Tonga for the 2019 Pacific Games, after the deadline passed for the government to recommit its support.

PGC President Vidhya Lakhan and CEO Andrew Minogue met with the Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva, and two of his ministers in early June, in a last ditch attempt to try and change their minds.

But the Prime Minister said the cabinet's decision was final and they government wished to focus its resources on other more important areas of economic development.

Tongan Government plans to construct new hospital

Since then nothing has been done to replace the hospital. Currently all medical treatment is conducted in a classroom in Falehau, says Radio Tonga.

The Minister of Health, Dr Saia Piukala said government hopes to commence construction of the new hospital this year, with funding support from the European Union.

The Minister was briefed on the state of the health services in Niuatoputapu during the Royal Agricultural Show on the island.