Tongan man denies forcibly raping teenager

Viliami Tuakoi, 59, entered his pleas to three felonies in Natrona County District Court through an interpreter who participated in the hearing by phone.

When Judge Thomas Sullins asked Tuakoi how he pleaded, he spoke in Tongan before the interpreter’s voice was heard through a courtroom speaker.

“Not guilty.”

New Tongan theatre show set to inspire

Albert Mateni not only wrote but also plays the lead role in the show Hearts of Men which opens this week in Auckland.

The show follows a young Tongan's dream to win gold for his country at the Olympics and the adversity in his journey leading up to the event.

The production earned Mr Mateni the 2018 Tongan Youth Trust for Music and Art Award.

Albert Mateni said there were not many Tongan playwrights or theatre productions in New Zealand and he hoped to pave the way for more.

Taufatofua needs to qualify for Winter Olympics

Taufatofua competed in the Rio Olympics in taekwondo. He was quickly defeated, but gained immense publicity for himself and Tonga by leading his fellow competitors into the arena covered in coconut oil.

Now he has decided to switch sporting careers and has been battling uphill to make his dream of competing in South Korea a reality.

He started skiing a year ago on roller skis, managed to raise $10,000 to fund his attempt and has been competing on borrowed skis.

Tongan sport's 'greatest moment'

The watershed victory at Waikato Stadium saw Tonga produce a brilliant second half to reverse a 16-2 deficit at the break and become the first tier-two nation ever to beat a top-three side.

Post-match, coach Kristian Woolf said the achievement would forever hold a place in Tongan sporting folklore.

"I think it's got to be the greatest... I don't think Tonga as a nation in any way has ever been on the front and back page of the biggest Sydney and Brisbane newspapers," Woolf said.

Tongan man killed in US shooting incident

Police identified the man killed as Soane Mausia.

The East Bay Times reports the victim’s brother’s name was not released.

The shooting happened about 2:55 a.m. Sunday in the 1700 block of 78th Avenue, a residential area not far from Arroyo Viejo Park.

Sgt. Omar Daza-Quiroz said the two were standing with other relatives outside their home socializing when at least two men ran up to the group and began shooting at them.

Mausia and his brother were the only ones hit by the gunfire.

29 arrests in South Auckland after Samoa - Tonga game

A police spokesperson said the arrests were for disorderly behaviour.

Police said the problems happened in the Otahuhu township between 10pm and 2am.

They said there were some major traffic issues with Tongan supporters celebrating in the streets in cars and on foot.

It was the third night in a row where there were several arrests as supporters of the two teams gathered in South Auckland.

The police were confiscating flags and flag poles and blocked off some streets.

No-one was injured.

Promoting Tonga’s fledgling Mabé pearl industry

Ms Allan was the winner of the Beginner Artisan Award in last year’s inaugural Tonga Made Pearl competition. 

Her winning piece, called “Tofe ‘Ofa Atu” is a necklace with a large Mabé pearl was modelled and then gifted to the Tongan flag bearer, Rio Olympian Pita Taufatofua.  Mr Taufatofua became famous in 2016 when images of him carrying the flag went viral online after the Olympic opening ceremony.

Ms Allan is an Australian by birth but Tongan at heart. 

She has lived in Tonga for several years after an initial visit as an independent volunteer. 

Manslaughter charge after Auckland man electrocuted in Tonga

'Isileli Palu, of Otara, was killed on August 3 while helping to put up tents at the family home in the village of Kolomotu'a.

The 36-year-old had been helping outside when he touched an electrical cord.

Tongan media are reporting a 49-year-old has since been charged with his manslaughter.

The Matangi Tonga newspaper said local police said the man charged is a power contractor.

The Herald is seeking comment from Tongan Police.

Australian police seek help locating Tongan girl missing for 25 years

The Police, who require positive identification to confirm if she is still alive, are making the appeal drive as part of their annual “Missing Persons Week”.

Hausia was 17-years-old when she went missing and was last seen by her family at her home on 17 December 1992.

She was said to be upset after a fight with her boyfriend.

Hausia was last seen at the Woden Plaza Shopping Centre in Canberra on 22 December 1992.

She would be 42-years-old now.

Police said that in 1993, Hausia contacted her natural mother in Tonga and told her she was okay.

Father of toddler killed in US shooting

Maama has left behind a 20-month old daughter, sister and his parents, according to a relative who has started a Memorial Fund for him.

Police in South LA said Maama was shot near in a marijuana dispensary in the early hours of Wednesday, July 19.

ABC 7 reports there was gunfire during a possible attempted robbery of the pot shop.

One person was killed and several people were wounded.

No arrests have been made and a description of the shooter is not available