Tractors wanted to help farmers in Tonga

The Pasifika Safe Shelter Trust has sent several reconditioned tractors to Tonga since the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted last year, smothering fields with tonnes of ash.

Chairman Peter Rodwell said a year or so on there was still a need for equipment to mix the ash into the soil and allow crops to flourish.

"The volcanic ash is actually quite rich in elements."

He said the charity was keen for more non-electronic tractors, particularly old Massey Fergusons because they were relatively easy to fix.

Tonga receives tractors and fishing boats from China

Tonga Broadcasting Commission reports the assistance includes nine tractors and four fishing boats in which the government requested back in 2018 following the re-establishment of the Ministry’s branch in Tokomololo.

CEO of Agriculture Dr Viliami Manu says these tractors are for the people of Tonga to use and will cost $80 pa’anga per hour.

China’s Ambassador to Tonga – HE Cao Xiaolin in his remarks says, this isn’t the first time the Chinese government has assisted Tonga with equipment, and that agriculture productivity has improved and diversified in the kingdom.