Tonga’s Environment Department monitors four turtles from Fangaloto

Communications Officer, Iliesa Tora said, “Efforts being made to save the turtles and ensure they are ready for the return to their natural habitat.”

There is concern about the state of the lagoon after a member of the public posted photos of dead and sick turtles on social media yesterday (Wednesday).

Tora confirmed that a team from the Environment Department visited the site and collected water samples to be tested.

Four turtles are left in the lake opposite the New Zealand High Commission residence in Fangaloto.

Dead turtles discovered in Tonga

The Department of Environment Tonga became aware of the issue when the public posted photos of the turtles on Facebook.

Lena Moimoi said her children discovered turtles that were dying and some were dead in the Popua area.

“Incase it has yet to be reported to the Ministry of Fisheries - it seems like some sort of contamination POISONING TURTLES and other sea creatures in the Popua area!”

“My kids discovered several SICK, DYING & DEAD TURTLES in the Popua Area and assumed it was all the RUBBISH which they went on to clean up,” she said on Facebook.

Random Acts of Kindness: Turtles get new lease on life

Arron Culling, a New Zealander working in Papua New Guinea, said he found the turtles at the local market, waiting to be sold for their meat.

He decided to buy them, and simply drove to the nearest beach, approximately five kilometres away, and released the beautiful creatures back into the ocean.

Culling posted photos of the rescue to Facebook, which have so far been shared over 30,000 times on social media.