Biggest conference in gaming is going online

Instead of its usual Los Angeles location it will be held digitally and free for everyone to attend due to the pandemic.

Nintendo, Xbox, Konami and Ubisoft are some of the developers which have agreed to participate.

Notably absent are EA, Activision and Sony, but this isn't unusual and often happened before the pandemic too.

The show, which connects developers and publishers with gamers was forced to cancel last year due to global lockdowns.

Entertainment Software Association, which runs the event, hasn't yet given any clues about how it will take hold.

Apology over Watch Dogs 2's genitalia gaffe

Ubisoft says it intends to release an updated version of Watch Dogs 2 later this week to remove the imagery.

The apparent mistake was discovered by a UK-based gamer who obtained a copy of the title ahead of its release date.

He was briefly punished for bringing the matter to others' attention.

The player - who has only revealed his first name is Adam - explained what had happened on the Neogaf forum.