UN attends Tuvalu high level dialogue on TC Pam recovery

"The actions shown by government shows that the plans are not solely about recovery, but recovery that strengthens resilience of families, communities, islands, and the nation.”

The UN acknowledged the government of Tuvalu for recognising it as one of the important partners in the implementation of the vulnerability reduction plan and its commitment to strengthening disaster response and resilience for its people. The UN agencies responded to governments request and provided support in various technical roles also recognising the different partnerships involved in the process.

UN releases ‘streamlined’ negotiating text for Paris climate deal

The 83-page text will be used by governments as they prepare for the final two sets of negotiations on a plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming.

“The document provides for the first time clarity on what could be contained within the emerging legal agreement in Paris,” the UN said in a statement.

“It also clarifies what decisions with immediate effect could be taken at the moment the agreement is adopted.”