US deportation

Angry scenes at Haiti airport as deported migrants arrive

On Tuesday, migrants at the airport in Port-au-Prince rushed back towards the plane they had arrived on, while others threw shoes at the jet.

Last weekend, the US started flying out migrants from a Texas border town which has seen an influx in recent weeks.

About 13,000 would-be immigrants have gathered under a bridge connecting Del Rio in Texas to Ciudad Acuña in Mexico.

Separately reports have emerged of thousands - mostly Haitians - stranded near the border between Colombia and Panama.

US authorities deport 22 Tongans in 2016

The number is a significant increase from 2015 when ICE recorded 16 deportations to Tonga.

According to Matangi Tonga, the report showed that in 2016, deportations to Tonga (22) were larger than that of nationals of Samoa (3), Fiji (12), New Zealand (16), Palau (10) and Papua New Guinea (1).

The Pacific Island country with the largest deportation numbers was the Marshall Islands (35). T

The country with the largest deportation numbers in 2016 altogether was Mexico (149,821).