Something to write home about: Vintage postcards on Twitter

Now when we go on vacation, the loved ones we've left behind feel like they are there with us.

We Snapchat our journey, Tweet from the beach and -- once we're back home -- Instagram a #throwback image of our favorite sunset.

But midway through our trip -- despite the phones in our pockets -- we head down to the souvenir shop and pick out a postcard or two for friends and family.

10 best places to travel in South America after the Olympics

Yet for a lucky few, the quandary remains: Where to go to relax and recover after the marvelous mayhem of the Brazil Olympics?

You're already in South America, so it makes sense to stay "local."

But narrowing your field of focus won't put much of a dent in your options; South America is nothing if not varied.

From sipping a huge glass of Malbec to roaming the world's highest capital city, here's the lowdown on 10 top spots to explore after the Olympics.

The vineyard: Mendoza, Argentina