Vaiola Hospital

Little done in Tonga to rehabilitate drug users

The director of the Mental Health Unit and head psychiatrist, Mapa Puloka, made the comments at a recent workshop.

Dr Puloka said most of those who came to the hospital for help were put into the Mental Health Ward, but staff said ineffective services meant many were not properly cared for.

There were almost weekly arrests of drug dealers, especially for methamphetamine or marijuana offences, and among them are senior Customs officials, who have been instrumental in "clearing" container shipments of drugs coming into Tonga from overseas, Dr Puloka said.

Vaiola Hospital Visitor’s Board achieves 2016 target

The Board has collected just over TOP$ 59,000.00 to date, says Lupe Ha’amoa ‘Ilaiu of the Board’s financial committee.

Radio Tonga reports the fund will be allocated to urgent needs such as equipment and facilities required by health authorities for the treatment of patients.

Meanwhile the Board presented Christmas presents to the current ward patients at Vaiola Hospital in Nuku’alofa.

It is the initiative of the Patron of the Board – Her Majesty Queen Nanasipau’u to mark the Christmas season.

Donations for Psychiatric Ward patients

This included food, toiletries and other gifts that were distributed to patients.

Aus surgical team hopes to help Tongan patients

49 medical specialists volunteering for Open Heart International are working at Nuku'alofa's Vaiola Hospital, treating people suffering from rheumatic and congenital heart defects.

The project coordinator, John Wallace, says the team took over three tonnes of equipment with them to perform procedures that cannot normally be performed in Tonga.

He says the procedures are life-changing.