The little boy who looks like one of China's richest men

Up to 50 people a day have visited Fan Xiaoqin over the past two weeks. The boy looks remarkably like one of China's richest men, Jack Ma who founded the e-commerce company Alibaba, and rumours had been swirling on social media that the billionaire had promised to fund his education, right through to university.

The boy's family, who live in Jiangxi province, are poor and rely on government benefits. Xiaoqin's father Fan Jiafa is disabled - his right leg has been amputated - his mother has had polio, and his grandmother, who is in her 80s has Alzheimer's.

How Michael Phelps' stretch got China talking

Last week, it was the purple spots on his body, the result of cupping, which drew attention. Now one of his more unusual pre-race stretching routines is causing an online stir.

Why a celebrity divorce has Chinese social media buzzing

A Chinese actor's divorce from his wife, over her alleged extramarital affair, has social media buzzing, with posts about the subject gaining over five billion views.

Wang Baoqiang announced online on Sunday that he was divorcing his wife, Ma Rong, and sacking his agent, Song Zhe.

He alleged that his marriage broke down after his wife had an affair with his agent, and that she had also transferred the couple's joint assets.

Ma has hit back at Wang, accusing him of abandoning their family.