West Papuans

Seven Papuans killed in Indonesian military operation

The remote Highlands area has been the focus of efforts by the Indonesian military, or TNI, to hunt down members of the West Papua Liberation Army.

Five civilians, including two young children, were killed according to local human rights workers as the TNI mounted land and air attacks on the Liberation Army in Tingginambut District.

Two members of the Liberation Army were also reportedly killed in the incident which happened earlier this week.

Indonesia says mass Papuan arrest claim is wrong

Earlier this week the Australia West Papua Association called for Canberra to press Jakarta over the arrests in the city of Nabire of about 150 Papuans, mostly members of the pro-independence West Papua National Committee, or KNPB.

But a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington says these arrests did not happen.

It says only one KNPB sympathiser was arrested on July 1st and released the next day.

The statement says two other Papuans were detained on 2 July and held for questioning.

Indonesian police reveal more about Sorong arrests

Police have confirmed they made the arrests in the West Papuan city at a prayer event held by the West Papua National Committee, or KNPB, to celebrate their eighth anniversary.

The police disbursed the assembled KNPB crowd, accusing them of separatism as the congregation yelled their demand for West Papuan independence.

All but seven of the 106 taken to the main Sorong police station were soon released.

The Jakarta Post reported the KNPB as saying police accused the seven of treason and provocation.

Indonesia arrests over 100 Papuans in Sorong

The police took in 106 activists from the West Papua National Committee, or KNPB, for their involvement in an inauguration of its local governing body last week.

The KNPB is a pro-independence West Papuan political organisation with a wide following throughout Indonesia's Papua region.

The inauguration of the KNPB's Sorong governing structure included a mass worship celebration and drew Papuans from areas such as Tambrau, Ayamaru and South Sorong.

West Papuans voice support for MSG integration

The peaceful demonstrations in the main cities of Indonesia's Papua region were attended by thousands of West Papuans under the banner of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.