World No Tobacco Day

2021 World No Tobacco Day: Commit to Quit

It is on this day that governments, non-governmental organizations, and communities join to raise awareness about the harmful tobacco use and the benefits of quitting, for individuals, communities, government, and country.

Want to be killed by tobacco?

Take a moment today on World No Tobacco Day to reflect on health problems that tobacco use can cause.

Tobacco use is still one of main factors behind the global non-communicable disease crises.

Highlighted in the Tobacco Free Pacific 2025, tobacco use is the major cause of preventable premature death in many Pacific islands.

Tonga warns of dangers of smoking

Tuku Ifi Leva, or Quit Smoking Now, graphically shows the risks of tobacco use and impact of second hand smoke.

RNZI reports with 46 percent of men and 13 percent of women smoking, tobacco use in Tonga is among the highest in the world.