UH researchers push for Zika studies

In Hawaii researchers are renewing efforts to fund Zika studies, something they previously had trouble getting approvals for.

Teenager feared to have Zika virus after Tonga holiday

Auckland Jen Byrn, 18, now faces a harrowing wait for test results after doctors said her symptoms could be the Zika infection. 

"I was overwhelmed because it was so unexpected," she said. 

But the thought of it staying in her body and possibly affecting her children was quite hard.

More than 259 suspected cases of zika virus in Tonga

Radio Tonga reports there is a possibility that their unborn babies can be affected by the virus.

Tonga’s Minister of Health, Saia Piukala has told Parliament the zika virus is believed to have been spread by five Tongans who arrived in the country last week.

As of Wednesday last week, a total of 259 people were referred to the Ministry of Health with symptoms related to zika virus.  The Ministry said 35 specimens were still away overseas for analysis.


WHO declares Zika virus international emergency

The agency convened an emergency meeting of independent experts on Monday to assess the outbreak after noting a suspicious link between Zika's arrival in Brazil last year and a surge in the number of babies born with abnormally small heads.