Facebook adds purple flower reaction to thank moms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is time to wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day 2017 and make her feel important.

On this special occasion, which is celebrated today on 14th May 2017, Facebook has made efforts to make thanking people a lot easier with the help of its purple flower reaction.The social media giant brought back the purple flower emoji this season and had added it to the list of reactions that are available in every story, status update or pictures that are shared on Facebook.

The add-on emotions that were added to the like button now has a huge purple flower that is synonymous with being thankful! Mother’s Day quotes: 11 best famous & inspirational quotes to share on this Mother’s Day 2017!

This new emotion is added to the way anyone can react to a Facebook post. In addition to liking a picture (with the thumbs up emoji), loving it (with the heart emoji), laughing at it (the smiley emoji), being surprised (the :O emoji), being sad (the crying emoji) and finally being infuriated (The red angry emoji), Facebook added the purple flower as a way expressing being thankful.

This emoji has been a special addition to celebrating Mother’s Day which falls on 14th May 2017. Mother’s Day 2017: 10 impressive gift ideas to surprise your mother!

This is not the first time that Facebook has introduced a temporary emoji to the reactions window. Last year for Mother’s Day, the purple flower was introduced on the social networking site, and it disappeared after the celebrations were over.

In addition to the reaction window, there are various additions made to the Facebook Messenger as well in an effort to celebrate Mother’s Day 2017. Facebook has added special filters to celebrate this holiday and is helping in making Mother’s Day celebration a one of a kind experience for your mothers.

Competitors on Social media have also come up with their own ways of celebrating Mother’s Day. While microblogging website, Twitter has released a new emoji where the word ‘MOM’ is inscribed inside the heart emoji, Snapchat is releasing new filters to celebrate this day with your beloved mother! Thanks to the tough competition between these social networking sites, we have many different ways to wish out moms a Happy Mother’s Day and make them feel special!