Man sent to jail for uploading and sharing Deadpool movie on Facebook

A man from central California was arrested for allegedly uploading and sharing Marvel’s Deadpool movie on his Facebook page.

Being the world’s biggest social network, it’s a place where things often go viral. The same happened with 21-year-old pirate Trevon Maurice Franklin.

Franklin uploaded the movie just a week after Deadpool hit the theaters last year. His pirated copy of the movie was seen by about five million viewers. After his arrest for infringing copyright, the FBI is carrying out the investigation.

The news release by The United States Attorney’s Office, Central District of California, states that Franklin used the screen name “Tre-Von M. King.”

Charged in a one-count indictment with allegations like reproducing and distributing a copyrighted work, which is a felony offense, Franklin can get a maximum three years in federal prison.

He is accused of reproducing and distributing about 10 Deadpool copies, which have a total retail value of $2,500.